Inspiration Votive Candle

Inspiration Votive Candle

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These natural organic Candles are produced using high quality plant wax that is both kind to the environment and from a sustainable source

Free from any petroleum based paraffin wax, additives or animal based ingredients; making them suitable for vegans and providing a 'clean' burn

They are hand poured and packaged using recycled glass, paper and cardboard

Candles are the perfect addition to the home whether you're entertaining, relaxing or simply enjoying some time with your favourite aroma - 

This candle has a blend of oils carefully chosen to create an inspiring mood. The Orange oil which is purifying and uplifting and the almost pine

like freshness of the Rosemary can help invigorate and revive the mind and body 


- Burn time approx 20 hours

- Made in the UK

- Other items available in this fragrance


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